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We are Southwest Michigan's premier DMR radio dealer carrying Alinco, AnyTone, and Connect Systems Inc. equipment.


1) Phone us at 574-333-4990.

2) Call N9QIF on 446.100 simplex if you are at the store.

3) Call N9QID on N8VPZ repeater 443.5500 mhz +5, CC1 Local-1

4) Via Facebook.

5) Use the contact page on this website the day before you arrive.

6) May be on 145.430, 145.210, or 147.360 repeaters.

XEIGU G90 in stock!

 We will open during this shutdown to take care of your radio preparedness needs. You must contact us before, or when you arrive, and we will open up for your needs. Please see list for contact options.

D-STAR Hotspot is in operation in the store on 434.100.